How to Renew Philippine Passport in Singapore

For Filipinos going home for good with a passport that is about to expire, they can purchase a direct airline trip.

The Philippine Embassy in Singapore recommends Filipinos to renew Philippine passport with few remaining pages or about to expire within 9 months.

Steps on How to Renew Philippine Passport in Singapore

Step 1: Book an online appointment. Choose an available date from Monday to Friday (9:00 am-12:00 noon and 1:00-4:00 pm).

Separate appointment must be made for each family member.

Provide the following information:

  • Name
  • Email (parent’s email can be used for booking the online appointment of a child)
  • Mobile phone
  • Date of birth
  • Passport number
  • Expiration date of passport

Step 2: Check if you receive “confirmation notice” on the email that you provided through the online appointment. The notice also contains the instructions about the passport renewal.

Step 3: Bring the complete requirements  on the appointment date:

  1. Personal appearance
  2. Download the application form for passport renewal
  3. Fee (new passport/passport renewal) = SGD 102.00
  4. Printed appointment confirmation message
  5. Current Philippine passport and photocopy of passport information page
  6. Singapore IC (Permanent Residence, E Pass, S Pass, Work Permit, Dependent Card, Study Permit, and Long Term Visit Pass)

Additional Documents

For married women (changing maiden surname to their husband’s surname), bring ANY of the following:

  • Report of Marriage issued by a Philippine embassy or consulate (if marriage was done outside of the Philippines)
  • Original NSO Marriage Certificate authenticated by DFA (if marriage was done in the Philippines)

For household service workers, bring ANY of the following:

  • Original contract authenticated by Embassy
  • Collection slip for authentication of contract

The submission of the contract for verification and authentication can be done at the same day of the passport renewal appointment.

Step 4: Check online if your passport is ready for pick up at the Philippine Embassy in Singapore. The new passport is produced in the Philippines so it takes 10 weeks (2 months and 2 weeks) before you can check online the passport’s availability.

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Renew Philippine Passport in Singapore
Little India in Singapore.

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Claiming the Philippine Passport

You can claim the passport later than the indicated availability date. The collection schedule is from Monday to Friday, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM (no lunch break).


  • Blue Consular Collection Slip issued at the passport appointment
  • The current Philippine passport (to be cancelled and returned to the passport owner)
  • If new passport will be claimed by a proxy, provide the following:
    • Original signed authorization letter. (The passport will NOT be released to the proxy without the letter.)
    • ID with signature from the passport owner.

The unclaimed passports that are delivered for over a year are destroyed as required by the Philippine law.

What to Do Next

You can keep the current passport while waiting for the new passport.

But what if your passport is about to expire and urgency calls for immediate trip back to the Philippines before the new passport arrives?

Don’t fret. You can travel with a peace of mind because the Embassy’s Consular Section will extend the validity of the current passport (free of charge).

While also waiting, you may want to learn more about the common questions about the renewal of the Philippine passport in Singapore.

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